Become a Partner!

Large or small, we customize a program to fit your needs.

Who Are Our Partners?


Communities make up our largest area of focus. Whether you are in a town of 1,000 or part of a large suburb or city, we offer a flexible system to fit the needs of each community we partner with.

Corporate Campuses

We are able to customize our bike fleets and provide logos and other signage to match your company branding. A shared bike system is the perfect way to to improve employee engagement.

College Campus

We provide an affordable way for students to get to and from class or campus. Whether they need to get from their dorm, or the bus stop, we help make that final connection to class simple and affordable.


A bike share is a great incentive for prospective tenants. They won't have to store a bike within their unit but will still be able to get around town. It is a convenient way to get to and from bus stops or work.


Guests will be able to explore your community with ease. Bike share systems provide extra incentive for any prospective guests. There are also branding opportunities for your hotel or resort on each bike.

State Parks / Campgrounds

The possibilities are endless with State Parks and campgrounds. Any equipment like, canoes, kayaks, life jackets, basketballs and much more can all be rented out using our bluetooth locking software.


Koloni Bike

Our Koloni Bike is perfect for any local or national sponsor. Any company that is looking to get a lot of great exposure will have multiple opportunities for branding. With the front and back fenders available for advertising, we are able to partner our customers with sponsors to dramatically reduce the cost of their bike share system. Another option for sponsorship is the back rack which can allow advertising space on two or three sides.

To go with our flexible and customized approach, we work with our customers to find the perfect partner. We can structure the ad space for whatever works best for our customers. This might mean renting space to a single sponsor, or to multiple sponsors. There are multiple pricing options that we can work through to help fund a system in nearly any city, big or small.

Koloni Rack

We designed our own custom bike racks with our partners in mind. They are looking for something that is low maintenance, affordable, and offers space for sponsorship. This rack is extremely easy to use with the lock on the front of the bike. Simply push the bike into place and press “lock” in our app.

For each of our products, we worked hard to offer as much ad space as possible. For our custom bike racks, we mount signage at either end of the rack. There are also options of front mounting more ad space depending on the needs of our partners.

Koloni Kube

Our Koloni Kube is one of a kind. It is the first automated recreational equipment rental in the United States. The Kube is extremely durable, functional and it offers large amounts of ad space from sponsorship. We work with our partners to help find the best fit for sponsors and try to meet their goals for funding a Kube project.

Both sides and the entire back side of the Kube can be used for ad or sponsorship. This is just one more way that we customize our approach to fit the needs of each of our partners.