We’ve built the first shareable platform. Find out how!


History of Bike Sharing

Bike sharing is a relatively new market that is just beginning to take off within the U.S. First adopters in this space started out using kiosk systems, but over the past few years this model has proven to be very expensive & highly subsidized, provides low density and is not self sustainable in most markets. Because of this we have seen a recent shift to rogue systems, or “leave your bike anywhere,” and while this is proving to be a more affordable solution, it also incorporates a lot of risk due to being unregulated, lacks management, safety, and has caused much confusion among users and operators.

How we’re Different

Recognizing a need to find a happy median between Kiosk and Rogue systems, Koloni has developed the first solution to market with the perfect blend of kiosk and rogue systems. In turn this is creating a long-term sustainable model for our partners that also provides a great user experience.  We know every partner is different and that’s why we’ve created ‘Smart Systems’ to meet the needs of all our clients.

Through our mobile app technology, smart bikes & racks,  bluetooth locks, and geofenced hubs we have developed the most advanced and user friendly system in the world. Whether you are looking to rent a bike, or a recreational item through our Koloni Kube, we always have the end user and our partners in mind. Click ‘Contact Us’ to learn more about our products and services, and see how we might be the right fit for your program…

The Koloni Team

Brian Dewey

President, Co-Founder

Over the past 4 years Brian has worked in international business. Over that time Brian has seen the growth of the sharing economy globally. At Koloni he is focused on the overarching vision and direction for the company as a whole.

Kyle Sheker

Chief Design Officer

Kyle has over six years of experience as an architectural designer and has been involved with multiple start-ups. At Koloni his main focuses revolve around design. This comes in the form of our website, product lines and social media.

Dan Trainor

Chief Growth Officer, Co-Founder

Dan has experience as the VP of Business Development and Sales for a fortune 100 organization and has been involved with multiple start-ups. At Koloni, his main focus is the direction for national growth. He also spearheaded the technology that fuels our app and management software.

Cody Harrison

Director of Community Design

Cody has been a great addition to the Koloni team. His main focus is generating new business and helping to structure the perfect shareable system for each partner. With a fully customized program, it's important to ensure each customer has a well designed system.

Nick Kent

Partner Relationship Manager

Nick is the newest member to the Koloni! He has a background in sales and marketing which helps him to manage partner relationships. His main focus is to ensure each partner has the best experience possible and that their shareable systems are working great.

Leonard Olson

Director of Manufacturing

An Entrepreneur himself, Leonard is an innovator and has a long history within the biking industry. His expertise in manufacturing locally and overseas provides us with process performance, product quality and efficiency in manufacturing processes.